Garden City

The Waldorf School of Garden City is an independent college preparatory day school for children in Nursery through Twelfth Grade. Established in 1947, our eleven-acre campus is located in the suburban village of Garden City, just 18 miles from midtown Manhattan. Garden City is known for its tree lined streets; myriad activities for children; and is an easy commute to New York City from nearby Long Island Rail Road stations. There are numerous stores nearby and a regional shopping mall is just east of the village and minutes away. While it does not fit the model of a college town, Garden City is also the site of Adelphi University, which has almost 8,000 undergraduate students. The Waldorf School of Garden City is directly adjacent to Adelphi University, and high school students are able to earn college credit through our unique partnership with Adelphi University–the university’s swimming pool and other athletic facilities are used by our summer program.

The School’s beautiful 11-acre campus features playgrounds, gardens and playing fields which are bordered by a wooded “Nature Trail” which provides a visual and environmental boundary from the suburban houses and university buildings which surround us. The indoor facilities, all of which are connected, feature a historical main building entrance, a large gymnasium, a performance space, a modern library center, a fiber arts studio, three laboratories, a woodshop, music and practice rooms, a cafeteria and a visual arts studio. With over 20 classrooms, the Waldorf School of Garden City provides a completely wireless environment.

Marlborough, New Hampshire

right-img_GBIn 1946, the 200-acre farm was purchased by a Waldorf teacher , as a place for school children to spend summers away from the city in the sun, breezes and waters of New Hampshire. In 1973, through the efforts and generosity of Peter Curran, former high school principal, the Waldorf School of Garden City acquired Glen Brook. Glen Brook has been a working farm since 1776 and has been the home of farmers and craftsmen, legislators and famous artists as well as many teachers ever since.