There’s not much sitting around at the Waldorf School of Garden City. You will find students engaged in various activities that require them to keep their bodies moving and their minds active. Dance movement, hands-on learning, physical activities, it’s what children love to do and that happy energy is reflected in how they approach learning. A unique facet of our curriculum is the required coursework in Eurythmy. Eurythmy is a social art engaging a whole class moving together, respecting each other’s space. Eurythmy has been described as ‘poetry in motion’, or ‘speech and tone made visible’ and has been likened to other movement arts such as dance, Tai Chi and the Japanese Kabuki Theatre. It is a movement art that has a clear purpose and value. Overall Eurythmy fosters effective group working within the individual and helps develop skills which are transferable to other situations such as teamwork on a group project.