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We take the best of classical education and make it relevant by intertwining the arts with academics, resulting in a synergistic experience that creates deeper meaning. No other form of education provides for an academic experience this enriching, authentic and joyful. The Waldorf School of Garden City believes studying about the world is not enough. We must study within it. Real answers often require relocating to the other side of the glass. Whether you are an adept conjurer of a more compassionate world or an inspired and experienced intellectual vagabond, we encourage you to take your education beyond yourself – remove that glass, refuse those frames, refit your understanding, and look back.

“At Waldorf, we are excited to see students in the high school singing the elements of the periodic table, staging plays in Spanish, drawing in Math, producing short videos for Shakespeare lessons and conveying, through abstraction, the history of language through circus arts and acrobatics.”

~Current Parent